Improving the World in Which We Live
                Mission Statement     (back)

Our mission is to use our God given talents to be leaders in improving the world in which we live.

We are passionately focused on customer satisfaction and committed to team spirit and enhancing employee opportunities.

To accomplish our mission we will be ethical, accountable, safe, profitable and dedicated to treat all we encounter
with love, dignity and respect.

Safety Policy Statement

We are committed to safety and health excellence with the goal of an injury free workplace.

Upper management will lead the safety improvement process.
Safety is ultimately the responsibility of upper management, a responsibility that cannot be delegated.

Safety is a shared responsibility of everyone in the organization.

Safety performance is a key indicator of
organizational excellence and is incorporated in our business process.

We will communicate safety excellence openly with everyone we meet in our construction business.

All employees will be given the necessary knowledge, skill, tools to safely perform their jobs.
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